Hall of Fame Nomination Guidelines


Complete the City of Miami Beach Hall of Fame  Nomination Form and all required attachments
by MARCH 23, 2021. Please find instructions here. All sections of the Nomination Form must be completed. Please refrain from sending petitions, photographs, books, resumes, Curriculum Vitaes (CV), etc. in lieu of completing the nomination form. If additional materials are requested by the members of the Miami Beach Hall of Fame Selection Committee, you will be contacted. Please include complete citations of sources of information used to write the nomination (reference books, periodicals, etc.). Nominations that are deemed incomplete or submitted after the deadline will not be accepted or reviewed by the Miami Beach Hall of Fame Selection Committee.


Nominee(s) must meet the following criteria for consideration:
  • Must have either been born in City of Miami Beach, have substantial connections to the City of Miami Beach, or be a resident of the City of Miami Beach.
  • Must have made substantial contributions to their respective area as an Artist, Architect, Designer, Scientist, Athlete, Business Leader, Civic Leader, or Family Legacy.
  • Must have a history of demonstrating strong character and integrity while acting as an ambassador for the City of Miami Beach.
  • Must have had a direct and significant positive impact on the City of Miami Beach.
  • Nominees must be in good standing in the community at the time of selection by the City Commission.
  • Posthumous nominees are allowed. 
  • No sitting elected or appointed public official shall be eligible for nomination. A moratorium, for a period of five (5) years after leaving office, shall be placed on the nomination of elected and appointed officials.
  • Members of the Miami Beach Hall of Fame Selection Committee may not submit nominees nor be considered for nominations.
  • Individuals cannot nominate themselves.

Outstanding artist, architect, designer, or scientist who has brought credit and recognition to the City of Miami Beach through a substantial body of work. Such extraordinary individual should have developed a state, national, or international reputation.

Outstanding athlete who has represented the City of Miami Beach commendably by attaining exceptional results and whose example of exemplary sportsmanship has brought credit to the sport and high regard for the individual.

Business Leader
Outstanding businessperson who has shaped the City of Miami Beach’s economic landscape. The nominee exhibits outstanding leadership in establishing, building, or running a business, while improving the community.

Civic Leader
Outstanding individual who has demonstrated exemplary leadership or service to an organization(s) or government institution(s), which has brought credit to the City of Miami Beach for activities and benefits that have a local, statewide, national, or international impact. This category includes coaches, educators, former elected officials, scientists, sponsors, volunteers, and other local leaders.

Family Legacy
A family that has brought outstanding recognition and created a legacy in the City of Miami Beach through generations of innovative leadership or charitable contributions.


An individual that has contributed to the scholastic achievements of our community and engaged students with opportunities to explore and discover interests beyond the classroom.

Once the application is completed via Go Smart, the nomination package will be reviewed by the Tourism and Culture Department. Staff will serve as liaison to the Hall of Fame Selection Committee.
  • The Hall of Fame Selection Committee, a nine-member Miami Beach City Commission-appointed committee, plus two at-large members from Miami Beach, will review all complete applications and recommend up to five (5) inductees.
  • The Miami Beach City Commission will approve the inductees.

March 23, 2021 - Hall of Fame Nomination Deadline
April 2021 - First nomination review meeting of the Miami Beach Hall of Fame Selection Committee.
April 2021 - Second nomination review of Miami Beach Hall of Fame Selection Committee and recommendation meeting.
May 12, 2021 – Miami Beach Hall of Fame Selection Committee recommendations presented to Miami Beach City Commission for approval.
Date to be Determined - Hall of Fame 2020 Inductees will be honored with a ceremony.


Nominees will be recognized via:
  • Formal presentation during the Hall of Fame induction ceremony.
  • Press release of the event provided to local media.
  • A portrait/plaque, with a biography, will be displayed on the Hall of Fame wall located in the South Concourse of the Miami Beach Convention Center.
  • If after the induction into Miami Beach Hall of Fame, the inductee is subsequently convicted or adjudicated guilty of a felony, the name, portrait/plaque, and biography of the inductee may be removed from the Hall of Fame at the City Commission discretion. Neither the City of Miami Beach, nor any of its officers, employees, contractors, or agents, shall have any liability to the person recognized as a Hall of Fame inductee (including, without limitation, if such person is deceased, his/her heirs, relatives, successors, or assigns), and/or any other party for any costs or claims resulting from such removal.


Any questions regarding this process should contact the Tourism and Culture Department at 305-673-7577 or send an email to Brandi Reddick at